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AACSB Accreditation

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AACSB Accreditation

Towards AACSB-Accreditation Capacity Building


Capacity Building

Prospective B-schools who have limited idea of AACSB Standards and Accreditation, but aspire to reach AACSB accreditation are our target. CBRC assists such B-schools in conducting gap analysis, forums for the faculty on systems and processes needed for AACSB pre-eligibility, initial self-evaluation (iSER) and gradually moving to Initial Accreditation stage. This process normally takes about 3-4 years depending on the strength of the school.

Why AACSB Accreditation?

  • Promote high quality and continuous improvement supported by engagement, innovation, and impact.
  • Use internal self-assessment and external peer review to confirm delivery of high quality management education and overall mission achievement.

AACSB Accreditation Global Credibility

Established IN 1916, AACSB is the world’s largest global business education network, connecting educational institutions and businesses to develop exceptional global leaders

  • Challenge: AACSB-accredited schools account for more than 90% of schools ranked globally
  • Lead: 96% of the chief executives on the 2016 Financial Times. Where did Chief executives of companies in the FT500 go to business school? Attended an AACSB-accredited school
  • Connect: Connecting with educators, students, and alumni from AACSB-accredited institutions provides a unique perspective on the value of education and empowering to make right decision.
  • Innovate: Graduate from AACSB-accredited schools are innovating in companies like The LEGO Group, KODAK, Caterpillar, Deloitte, AFLAC, PWC, Paychex, Costco.

We assisted capacity building with adoption of AACSB Standards for the following institutions:

  • Ghana business School, Ghana for adopting AACSB Standards (EDAF route)
  • International School of Business and Research ( ISBR) – Bangalore, India
  • Skyline University College ( SUC), Sharjah, UAE
  • NITTE Business School, Mangalore, India
  • JKSHIM, NITTE, Mangalore, India

Initial Accreditation- We have been the PRT member of the following institutions

  • IBS Moscow, Russia
  • IIM Indore, India
  • IFIM Bangalore, India

We have been mentoring IIM Kashipur since 2017.

Similar steps can be taken to other non-AACSB accreditation work like:

    • Assistance in AOL
    • Assistance in NQF Mapping in India and UAE
    • Assistance in Faculty sufficiency and Qualification

Accreditation Experience

The initial accreditation in 2009 was the game changer. One result of the accreditation journey was a heightened sense of camaraderie and collaboration. While it’s important to have a designated individual or established group at the school to champion the accreditation journey, the process has to involve everyone. We engaged all our stakeholders, and it was satisfying to see how hard everyone worked as a team. Because the accreditation process is vison- and mission-driven, it also allowed us as a school to be true to our values while ensuring we met the AACSB quality benchmarks. We came out with a better understanding of our identity and of the quality of our programming. Finally, it was illuminating to catalog our school’s history. We were able to see the impact and engagement that has resulted from our endeavors over the last 10 years and also realized that we need to be constantly innovating. While the journey is not easy, it is well worth it.

Accreditation Challenges

While the accreditation results were positive, the most challenging part of the process was getting stakeholders involved with a sense of individual responsibility and understanding that AACSB Accreditation is accreditation for all. Since we are not a large school, it was challenging to see how a decision regarding a single faculty member could have such an impact on certain standards. This led to a realization that we needed to be more strategic in our decision making. We also needed to communicate that we did not need to change everything to achieve accreditation, but that everything had to be quality driven. We needed to get our school’s individual members on board. We needed the support of the overall university administration and an understanding that not only would AACSB Accreditation be beneficial for us, but the university as a whole would benefit.

Advice to Another School

Communication and connection is key. Preparation (and more preparation) is also key. We found doing a mock review was crucial to our success. If you can do a mock review, do it. Everything is open to evaluation, so be prepared to resolve issues or gaps you might not have known were there. Be as thorough as possible in your evaluation, don’t assume anything, and expect the unexpected.

Accreditation Volunteer

I was inspired to provide the same support to other schools by helping through sharing either as a mentor or PRT member or through informal mentoring as a friend. Every conference call and personal visit is a learning opportunity, helping me do my own job better. These visits gives me the chance to meet interesting people and engage in fascinating conversations that I simply enjoy. Volunteering is a unique combination of opportunities to give back to the business education community, to learn from my peers, share ideas, support others in their journeys—and of course, have some fun!