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A Unit of University of Dubai

UD – Center For Business Research And Consultancy

Center for Business Research and Consultancy (CBRC) is a complete industry outreach consulting initiative by University of Dubai. CBRC is envisioned by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI). This center actively targets public and private sectors in the region, globally by partnering with clients and engaging in consultancy activities across different areas of specialization and expertise.  CBRC’s competency stems from university’s talent asset spanning across the following fields, Business and General Management, Law, Engineering and Information Technology. The center’s expertise is enriched by actively involving the subject matter experts and consultants from the industry to work with CBRC actively in real time consulting assignments

CBRC constantly responds to the needs of the market in the public and private sectors in the region through its diverse faculty and subject matter expertise, consultants and professionals across different domains.  CBRC also conducts community-based research and provides consultancy that contributes directly to economic growth and development in the UAE and in the region.

CBRC is very keen to collaborate with public and private sectors in the region to offer an extraordinary variety of business, management, law, Information Technology and engineering consultancy services and is equally committed to developing and educating leaders who will make a difference in the business world. The uniqueness of CBRC is that we are accredited and endorsed by MOHESR lies in the fact that we are accredited and endorsed by professionally recognized bodies such as AACSB, ABET, SHRM, IEEE, ILM, CIMA, CIM, CILT, CIPS and ADIF.

UD-CBRC Core Competency

CBRC message

  •  Apart from the core CBRC team, the CBRC team gains its strength from a diverse pool of competencies which cut across business and general management, organization development, strategy and leadership, information technology, data science, business analytics, information security and systems and engineering (communication).
  • These diverse competencies and consulting capabilities are our core strengths, because of the richness in university structure derived from different streams like business management, engineering, information technology, general education and law.
  • Apart from this CBRC is also enriched with domain experts from the industry and other similar external consulting practices.

CBRC – Consulting Portfolio

The UD-CBRC logo, symbolizes the core consulting capabilities as represented in six elements forming the shape.

Business, Strategy, Leadership, Management (Marketing, Finance, Accounting, HR, Supply Chain and Logistics Management)

Information Technology (Data Science, Big Data, AI, IOT and Cloud)

Electrical Engineering, Communication and Information Systems

Innovation, Education & Language Consulting

Law (Crimes and Arbitration)

Applied Research Publication through White Papers