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Dr. Sabina Abdul Hadi

A Unit of University of Dubai

Dr. Sabina Abdul Hadi

Dr. Sabina Abdul Hadi
Email ID: sahadi@udv.ud.ac.ae
Contact Number: : +971 4 55 66 935
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabina-abdul-hadi-68760992/
Consulting Niche – Areas of Expertise

  • Solar cell design and simulations;
  • Device nanofabrication and process flow development (solar cells, transistors/memristors);
Professional Body Membership

  • IEEE
List of Public Sectors or Private Companies/Corporate / Research Organizations in which you had been part of as employee / as Advisor / Consultant / Researcher  

  • Khalifa University (formerly known as Masdar Institute), Abu Dhabi, UAE: postdoctoral researcher working on development of multijunction solar cells and memristor based radiation sensors.
List of Different Countries / Regions 

  • UAE
List the Research Grants/Awards Experience and your role

  • Space Agency funded project of: “Develop Ultra-Low Power Radiation Detectors for Satellite Electronic Dosimetry” at Khalifa Unviersity, Abu Dhabi. Responsibilities: devices design, fabrication and testing; monthly report writing and fund extension application writing.
  • Masdar Institute-MIT flagship project at Masdar Institute. Responsibilities: main researcher as part of PhD dissertation involving: device simulation, design, fabrication and testing; material testing; research plan development;  in addition to proposal writing for project fund extensions
List your Top 10 Research Publications / White Papers

  • Filed Patent: “Method and device for low cost, high efficiency step photovoltaic cells”, application number: WO2018075331A1
  • Abdul Hadi, E. A. Fitzgerald, S. Griffiths, A. Nayfeh, “III-V/Si dual junction solar cell at scale: Manufacturing cost estimates for step-cell based technology”, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 10, 1, p. 015905, 2018.
  • Abdul Hadi, G. Dushaq, A. Nayfeh, “Device characterization and analysis of atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3:ZnO films for optical applications” Journal of Applied Phys., 122, p.245103 2017.
  • Abdul Hadi, E. A. Fitzgerald and A. Nayfeh “Theoretical efficiency limit for a two-terminal multi-junction “step-cell” using detailed balance method”, Journal of Applied Physics, 119, 073104,2016.
  • Polyzoeva, S. Abdul Hadi, A. Nayfeh, and J. L. Hoyt, “Reducing optical and resistive losses in graded silicon-germanium buffer layers for silicon based tandem cells using step-cell design”, AIP Advances, vol. 5, p. 057161, 2015.
  • Abdul Hadi, T. Milakovich, M. Bulsara, S. Saylan, M. D. Dahlem, E. A. Fitzgerald and A. Nayfeh, “Design Optimization of Single-Layer Antireflective Coating for GaAs1-xPx / Si Tandem Cells with x=0, 0.17, 0.29 and 0.37”, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 5 (1), p. 425 – 431, 2015.
  • Abdul Hadi, P. Hashemi, N. DiLello, E. Polyzoeva, A. Nayfeh and J. L. Hoyt, “Thin-film Si1−xGex HIT solar cells”, Solar Energy, 103, pp. 154–159, May 2014.
  • Abdul Hadi, M. R. Al KaabiM. O. Al AliH. A. Arafat, “Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of streetlight technologies for minor roads in United Arab Emirates”,  Energy for Sustainable Development, 17(5), pp. 438–450,  October 2013.
  • S. Hosic, A. Hocanın and H. Demirel, “Unequal Error Protection Using Convolutional Codes for PCA-Coded Images”, ICIAR 2005, September 28-30 2005, Toronto, Canada.