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STEM Learning and Education

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STEM Learning and Education

The UAE is undergoing rapid diversification as it moves away from hydrocarbons and develops into a knowledge-based economy focused on highly skilled individuals. Upcoming talent and young minds develop these skills through STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines which allows students to develop understanding of the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

STEM provides students with the tools necessary to interpret information to solve problems, plus gather data and evaluate evidence to make decisions, molding them for the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), thereby enabling them to meet the demands of the world’s evolving workforce.

4IR is impacting the UAE in five major hubs: educational, digital, technological, logistical, and industrial and as a consequence is influencing transformation in the occupational industries. As a result of 4IR, young minds need to develop capacity in rapidly emerging areas such as genomic medicine, nanoscience, data science, AI, and robotics.

4IR has resulted in a wave of STEM initiatives which has taken root in many different industries throughout the UAE. One such area is promoting STEM disciplines in schools at all levels (elementary, middle and high school) alongside tertiary institutions to develop STEM fluency.

As STEM advocates at University of Dubai, we focus on empowering young minds through initiatives that promote STEM curriculum innovation and design thinking, plus STEM competencies, which allows for abstract thinking, problem solving alongside teamwork, communication, and time management.

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(Science, Technology, Reading and Writing, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)


STEM Learning & Education
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